Public Works

Nos services / Travaux publics

An emergency on the road outside office hours?

Any situation warranting a 911 safety risk, outside of municipal office hours.

Examples of emergencies for which you should call 911:


  • A tree fallen across the road;
  • Dead deer on the road, interfering with traffic;
  • Road damaged by heavy rain, sinkholes, or major erosion;
  • Icy road condition;
  • Water main breakage/sewage spill

Work planned in your neighbourhood?


Here is what you should know.


If your property has been damaged, as a result of work performed by the Municipality, please contact the Public Works Department for repairs.

Fill (dirt/soil)

The Municipality offers free delivery of fill when a delivery location is near the work site.

If you wish to receive fill, please send your request to the Public Works Department.

Entrance culvert

The culvert in a driveway is private, and therefore belongs to the property owner. It represents a means of access between your property and public property.

If the Municipality is performing ditching work on your road and your culvert needs to be replaced, the Municipality will install the new culvert in accordance with the following cost allocation:

  • Equipment and gravel at the expense of the Municipality.
  • The cost of the culvert will be added to your tax bill.


If your culvert needs replacing but the Municipality is not performing any ditching work on your property, the costs associated with the replacement are the sole responsibility of the owner.

Road width (municipal right-of-way)

It is important to know that property (road) belonging to the Municipality is always a bit wider than the road itself.

In general, ditches, signs, hydro poles and fire hydrants are located on municipal property.

For example, the width of the ditch in front of your property belongs to the Municipality. The Municipality is therefore generally entitled to perform work in the ditch, since it is a municipal right-of-way.

Work schedule

The work schedule of the public works team on any given site is from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Safety and signage

It is important to respect the signage in place, as well as the municipal workers.

Don't forget that beyond the inconveniences that may be caused by road work, municipal employees work towards maintaining the Municipality, and at the end of the day, their respective families are also waiting for them at home!

Please slow down and be courteous.

Additional information / questions

For any other questions and/or comments, please contact the Public Works Department of the Municipality at 819-455-2401, ext. 163.

Road works

Paving in 2021

The planned paving work in 2021 will take place on de la Montagne Road (at the 2 bumps/camel humps in the road), and on Tremblay Road (over a distance of 4 km).

Ditching work in 2021

The planned work will be done on the following roads:


Site Road
Location Total length (m)
Tremblay From Route 148 to Pointes-aux-Roches 8000
Cedarvale Terry-Fox to Renaud 1021
5th Concession Route 148 to Lac-des-Loups 11320

Culverts in 2021

The Municipality plans to carry out culvert work on the following roads:


  • de la Montagne Road
  • Tremblay Road
  • 5th Concession
  • Cedarvale Road
  • 6th Concession

Gravel in 2021

The planned granular resurfacing work will take place on the following roads:


  • 5th Concession
  • de la Rivière Road;
  • Crégheur Road.

Drinking water and sewage


Map of the area served


See plan


Connection to services for a new residence


The Municipality offers water and sewer services to its citizens located in the Quyon sector. Any new property located in this area may be connected in accordance with the provisions of By-law 07-14 concerning the imposition and levying of charges for the extension and connection of water and sewer services.