« The bylaws shall remain in effect until such time as they are abrogated, modified or standardized. Only copies certified by the Municipality are binding».

Please note that in the event of a discrepancy between the bylaws posted on the municipal website and the official bylaws held at the municipal offices, the official bylaws shall prevail.

Administration and interpretation of urban planning bylaws

Bylaw 176-01Administration and interpretation of urban planning bylaws


Bylaw 14-RM-01 concerning alarms

Mayor's severance allowance

By-law 104-90 concerning the Mayor's severance allowance


Bylaw 21-RM-02  concerning animals

Bylaw 12-22 concerning laying hens

Public notices

Umbrella borrowing Bylaw 02-23 decreeing an expenditure and a loan of $1 000 000,00$ for the purchase of vehicles and equipment for the Public Works Department

Bylaw 05-20 concerning public notices


Private roads

Bylaw 09-22 concerning the maintenance of private roads open to the public by tolerance

Bylaw 04-03 concerning private roads

Bylaw 12-03 concerning private roads

Bylaw 06-04 concerning private roads

Bylaw 03-10 concerning private roads

Bylaw 01-07 stipulating the conditions to municipalize roads

Bylaw 01-02 regarding taking charge of roads

Bylaw 10-02 regarding the taking over of roads for security reasons

Bylaw 08-17 prescribing conditions for assuming responsibility for the maintenance of private roads

Bylaw 180-01 concerning the partial closure of Terry-Fox Road

Bylaw 11-02 concerning the closure of part of Delorme Road

Traffic and parking

Bylaw 22-RM-03 concerning traffic and parking

By-law 118-93 relating to traffic as well as related offenses and fines

Bylaw 152-98 concerning heavy vehicle traffic

Bylaw 11-03 concerning heavy vehicle traffic on a bridge or viaduct

Bylaw 04-17 regarding truck and heavy vehicle traffic

Bylaw 13-09 concerning all-terrain vehicle traffic

Bylaw 06-04 prohibiting the parking of heavy vehicles in zone 19

Bylaw 08-11 concerning snowmobile traffic

Bylaw 12-RM-03 concerning traffic and parking

Bylaw 13-07 concerning the speed limit on certain municipal roads

Bylaw 04-12 concerning the speed limit on certain municipal roads

Bylaw 10-14 concerning the speed limit in school zones

Bylaw 10-12 concerning the speed limit in school zones

Bylaw 19-13 concerning the speed limit on Papineau Road

Bylaw 05-14 concerning the speed limit on Westbrook Road

Bylaw 11-14 concerning the speed limit on Terry-Fox Road

Bylaw 09-16 concerning the speed limit on Sapinière and du Lac Roads, and des Plages Avenue

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Bylaw 03-22 concerning the code of ethics and professional conduct for municipal employees

Bylaw-02-22 concerning the code of ethics and professional conduct for members of the municipal council

Bylaw 02-13 concerning the code of ethics and professional conduct for members of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)


Bylaw 10-22 to amend bylaw 06-18 concerning the functioning of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

Bylaw 06-18 concerning the functioning of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)


Bylaw 179-01 – Construction

Bylaw 07-03 - Area of land use

Bylaw 07-04 - setbacks along Route 148

Bylaw 162-99 specifying the authorization, use and occupation of property for the construction of a public day care centre

Bylaw 04-02 St-Dominique Church

Municipal Court

Bylaw 140-96 Municipal Court

Bylaw 150-97 removal of the territory of the Municipality of Pontiac from the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court of the City of Aylmer

Bylaw 151-97 authorizing an agreement to delegate to an M.R.C. the jurisdiction to establish a joint municipal court

Bylaw 06-09 Municipal Court Agreement

Delegation of authority

Bylaw 173-01 concerning the appointment of persons qualified to issue tickets

Bylaw 06-17 on the additional powers and duties of the Director General

Bylaw 08-15 delegating the authority to authorize expenditures

Minor variances

Bylaw 07-18 on minor variances

Electoral districts

Bylaw 07-16 - redistribution of electoral districts

Water, sewer and septic systems

Bylaw 12-14 to govern the use of drinking water

Bylaw 05-03 concerning the collection of underground water

Bylaw 01-09 concerning sewer connections

Bylaw 08-22 for the maintenance of tertiary ultraviolet disinfection treatment systems

Bylaw 09-03 concerning septic tank inspections and certificates


Borrowing bylaw 06-22 - umbrella bylaw - capital expenditures and a loan of $2 M

Borrowing bylaw 05-22 - infrastructures of the municipal complex

Borrowing bylaw 04-22 - purchase of vehicles

Bylaw 06-10 - paving of certain roads in the Municipality of Pontiac

Bylaw 09-17 - Lusk project

Borrowing bylaw 154-98 - water, aqueduct and wastewater

Borrowing bylaw 03-03 - construction of wastewater treatment system

Bylaw 03-15 to refinance borrowing bylaw 03-03

Borrowing bylaw 15-10 - for the upgrading of drinking water treatment facilities in the Village of Quyon

Bylaw 04-13 decreeing an expense of $ 60,000.00 and a loan of $ 60,000.00 - connection of a water pipe

Bylaw 02-14 to modify bylaw 04-13

Borrowing bylaw 05-16 Quyon Community Centre

Bylaw 10-09 decreeing a loan and an expense for the expansion of the town hall

Borrowing bylaw 05-02 - tanker truck

Borrowing bylaw 22-13 - tanker truck

Borrowing bylaw 02-17 for fire fighting vehicles

Borrowing bylaw 06-07 purchase of a grader

Borrowing bylaw 04-14 - grader

Borrowing bylaw 01-16 - grader

Borrowing bylaw 06-14 - Davis and Soulière Roads

Borrowing bylaw 06-13 - Lavigne Road

Borrowing bylaw 05-10 Cedarvale Road

Borrowing bylaw 07-10  Panorama and McCaffrey Roads

Borrowing bylaw 06-11 Omkar and Marquis Roads

Borrowing bylaw 30-13 Cedarvale Road

Borrowing bylaw 05-15 roadworks

Borrowing bylaw 03-16 - road network rehabilitation

Borrowing bylaw 03-19 decreeing capital expenditures and a loan of $2,000,000.00

Borrowing bylaw 02-21 concerning an umbrella borrowing by-law to decree capital expenditures and a loan of $2,000,000.00

Outdoor fires

Bylaw 18-RM-05 - fire safety

Bylaw 01-04 concerning open fires

Finances and funds

Bylaw 01-23 establishing the tax rates and fees for services for the year 2023

Bylaw 13-22 to cancel the Borrowing Bylaws 04-22, 05-22 and 06-22

Bylaw 06-08 enacting rules for budgetary control and monitoring

Bylaw 138-95 - Special Fund - Water and Sewer Systems

Bylaw 06-02 - working capital

Bylaw 04-10 to transfer sums from the general surplus to the working capital

Bylaw 05-13 - local fund reserved for the repair and maintenance of certain public roads

Bylaw 06-13 to increase the working capital

Bylaw 17-13 financial reserve - fire prevention and control

Daycare centre

Bylaw 07-22 - authorization for a public day care centre

Contract management

Bylaw 03-21 - contrat management

Bylaw 07-15 - authority to award contracts for the provision of professional services

Bylaw 08-12 - municipal works

Waste management

Bylaw 10-16 concerning the waste collection


Fire and first responders

Bylaw 21-RM-05 fire safety

Bylaw 14-07 concerning the installation and storage of propane tanks

Bylaw 01-17 concerning the establishment of a fire safety service


Bylaw 178-01 - subdivision

Bylaw 28-13 relating to the transfer of land, applicable to the issuance of a subdivision permit

Civic numbers

Bylaw 156-98 authorizing the Municipality of Pontiac to provide and maintain a civic address network

Public peace, nuisances and good order

Bylaw 22-RM-04 - maintenance of public peace and good order

Bylaw 20-13 concerning nuisances

Bylaw 608-2016 - occupancy and maintenance of buildings


Permits and certificates

Bylaw 03-08 - business permits

Private pools

Bylaw 01-08 - safety design of private swimming pools

Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plan

Bylaw 605-2016 relating to site planning and architectural integration

Master plan - Urban planning

Bylaw 175-01 - master plan

Bylaw 08-03 concerning dead-end roads

Bylaw 02-04 bicycle paths and non-motorized recreational trails

Internal management of the municipal Council

Bylaw 11-22 modifying bylaw 06-19 - internal management

Bylaw 05-09 concerning the procedures for council meetings

Bylaw 06-19 - internal management of council meetings

Remuneration of elected officials

Bylaw 02-11 - salary of elected officials

Mobile canteen

Bylaw 02-09 - operation of mobile canteens

Tax rates and pricing

Draft - Taxation Bylaw 01-23 establishing the tax rates and fees for services for the year 2023

Taxation Bylaw 01-22 establishing the tax rates and fees for services for the year 2022

Taxation Bylaw 01-21 establishing the tax rates and fees for services for the year 2021

Bylaw 02-15 on the pricing of municipal permits and certificates

Bylaw 146-97 - imposition of a tariff for a 9-1-1 emergency call center

Bylaw-04-05 - imposition of a tariff for a 9-1-1 emergency call center

Bylaw 12-09 - imposing a 9-1-1 tax

Bylaw 06-16 to modify bylaw 12-09 - imposing a 9-1-1 tax

Bylaw 17-16 - pricing waste management

Bylaw 05-18 - pricing for an intervention by the fire protection service

Bylaw 06-15 - special maintenance tax on the Ferris agricultural watercourse, Bélisle branch and branches # 1, 2, 3 and 4

Bylaw 07-14 imposition and levy of charges for water and sewer extensions and connections



Bylaw 177-01 - zoning

Bylaw 177-01-02-2021 (second draft) modifying bylaw 177-01 - abrogating section 3.3.5 - addition of the usage of mini warehouses

Bylaw 177-01-03-2018 - protection of shorelines

Bylaw 177-01-02-2018 - non-conforming lots and buildings

Bylaw 177-01-01-2018 amending by-law 177-01 - use R1-1

Bylaw 177-01-03-2017 amending by-law 177-01 - R2 use

Bylaw 177-01-02-2017 - bi-generational housing

Bylaw 177-01-01-2016 amending zoning by-law number 177-01 - zone (56)

Bylaw 26-13 New standards - Landslide prone areas

Bylaw 01-11 amending the Specifications Grid and Zoning Plan PZ-01

Bylaw-03-02 - community, cultural and service facilities