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General information


The Pontiac municipal administration’s mission is to provide a quality of life for its residents. Thus fully assuming its responsibilities with respect to public safety (fire department and civil security) and the territory’s development (environmental health and planning and development), while ensuring community and economic development.

To achieve this goal, the Municipality must ensure a sound management of public funds based on the principles of fairness and accountability, and the respect for the citizens’ ability to pay.


The Municipality makes the following commitments to its citizens:

  • Accessible and bilingual services
  • Professional and courteous services
  • Fair and confidential services
  • Hospitable, adequate and safe facilities and amenities
  • Efficient services
  • Services that respect citizens' ability to pay

Download the Declaration of services to the public

Responsibilities and competence

The Municipality exercices the powers vested to it by the laws of the Quebec National Assembly. It cannot override these powers. It also cannot delegate them to others, except if the Law expressly allows it.

The Municipality’s administration is governed by administrative rules that are clearly defined in these laws. Elected representatives can manage their municipality only by abiding to these rules, contrary to the private industry where it can do so at its convenience, according to methods of management it deems appropriate.

The Municipality possesses the authority to intervenene in a number of different areas. The following lists a few of these competences.

  • Urban planning and development
  • Economic development
  • Municipal roads
  • Supply of potable water
  • Community, recreation and cultural development
  • Taxation and property assessment authorities
  • Recovery of residual materials
  • The municipal Court
  • Social housing
  • Police and fire services
  • Tourism promotion
  • Holding elections and referendums

The Municipality may intervene in all of these areas. Some of its powers however are optional, while others are mandatory. Amongst these, the municipal obligation of preparing and adopting a budget remains. It must also ensure that its territory is subject to a plan and urban planning regulations and that it is served by a police force.

Moreover, when the Municipality decides to exert authority and to offer a service to its citizens, if this function has been wrongly transmitted, it becomes liable for damages caused. Authorities are exerted differently from one municipality to the next, according to the available resources, the requirements to be fulfilled and the means of actions taken to meet them.

Request for access to documents held by public bodies

Il est possible de consulter et d’obtenir copie de documents publics accessibles conformément à la «Loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection des renseignements personnels».

The information you provide in your request will be treated as confidential and will only be shared with those authorized to process your request.

Your request must be addressed in writing to the person in charge, but it must be sufficiently precise to allow him/her to locate the document and to answer you. In order to make your request precise, you can mention the title of the document you are looking for, the name of its author or the subject.

Please note that the Municipality cannot make public any personal information of a private nature concerning third parties without their consent (for example, when you wish to access the files of a property during the purchase process). It is therefore preferable that you obtain their written authorization (using the Municipality's form, for example).

The "Request for Access to Documents" form, the use of which is optional, is made available to persons who wish to make a request to the Municipality for access to a document.

To do so, please complete and print the form. Sign your application and send it to the designated officials.

By email: Mario Pilon

By fax : 819-455-9756

By mail or in person: 2024 Route 148, Pontiac QC J0X 2G0

Upon receipt of the form or any other written request, the person in charge has 20 calendar days to respond, as set out in the Act. In certain cases (e.g.: voluminous request, consultation of a third party, etc.) the Municipality may take advantage of an additional delay, in accordance with Sections 35 and 47 of the Act respecting Access to documents.


A photocopy fee will be charged. You may also make an appointment during regular business hours to consult the documents on site free of charge.

Pour en savoir davantage sur la «Loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la Protection des renseignements personnels», click here.

To access the form used to make a request for access to documents held by public bodies, click here.

Commissioner for Oaths

The Municipality is authorized to administer an oath in the Province of Quebec for a proceeding or document intended only for Quebec.

A maximum fee of $5 may be charged to the applicant.

The sole responsibility of the Commissioner for Oaths is to receive the oath. He or she is therefore not obliged to verify the content of the declaration. In fact, it is up to the person being sworn to know the content of the document for which he or she is being sworn.

The only power granted by law is the power of swearing in people in cases where the oath is required or permitted by law.

In these circumstances, the Commissioner for Oaths could, at most, swear in people who present him/her a copy of a document and declares that it is a true copy of the original document. However, such a declaration would not have the effect of giving authenticity to the copy, as only the custodian of an original document has this power.

You can search for a Commissioner for Oaths on the Quebec Department of Justice website.

Search for a Commissioner for Oaths

The search is done by geographic proximity, for Quebec only.

Source: Ministère de la Justice du Québec

Municipal personnel


Mario Allen
Director General
ext. 135

Vacant position
Assistant Director General and Secretary, Clerk-treasurer

Caroline Spooner
Executive secretary
ext. 136

Recreation and Community Life Department

Nathalie Larose
Coordinator - Recreation, Community Life and Communication Department
ext. 168


Lyne Lévesque
Receptionist clerk
ext. 101

Public Works Department

Mario Allen
Director of Publics Works
ext. 135


Stéphanie Aubrey
Office clerk
ext. 163

Finances and Taxation Department

Mario Pilon, CPA

Director of administration
ext. 162


Marie-France Larose

Accounting officer
ext. 166


Louise Ramsay

Taxation officer
ext. 158


Katia Robitaille

Urban Planning Department

Mario Allen
Director of the Urban planning Department - interim
ext. 135

Directeur du service de l’urbanisme
ext. 121

Lisanne Couture-Dubé (indeterminate leave)
Building technician
ext. 164

Serge Newberry
Building technician
ext. 167

Office clerk

Communications Department

Nathalie Larose
Coordinator - Recreation, Community Life and Communication Department
ext. 168

Fire Department

For more information, please contact:

Mario Allen
Director General
ext. 135


Benoît Chartrand
Director - Fire department

Evan Prest

Brian Middlemiss

Daniel Groleau

Anthony Savard