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Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association

Address: P.O. Box 945, Shawville QC J0X 2Y0

Pontiac Equestrian Association

Cercle Socio-culturel

Contact: Mrs. Aline Séguin
Telephone: (819) 455-9757

Choir « Un air de campagne »

Contact: Mrs. Paulette Lamoureux
Telephone: (819) 455-2462



Amateur choir for the residents of Pontiac who wish to discover the pleasure in singing.

Quyon Lions Club

Mr. Glen Leach
Telephone: (819) 458-2785

Groupe Action Jeunesse

Contact : Sylviana Geoffrey
Telephone: (873) 353-3235



Community organization whose mission is to plan and organize activities, among others, pertaining to recreation, cultural or sporting activities for the Pontiac community, particularly for the youth. Encourage the development of new activities that correspond with the needs and aspirations of the youth in the community and the population in general.

Groupe de sacs de sable de Luskville

Contact : Madame Agnès Perrier, Présidente
Téléphone : (873) 660-5153



Group of volunteers who organize friendly tournaments of "beanbag tossing" games for the residents of Pontiac.

Luskville Bocce Ball League

Contact: Mr. Yves Séguin
Telephone: (819) 455-9757



Group of volunteers who organize friendly tournaments of Boccee ball at the Luskville Recreational Park for the residents of Pontiac, from June to September.

Quyon Sports and Recreation

Contact: Mr. Jeff Ireland
Telephone: (819) 431-4898



A non-profit organization whose mission is to offer sporting activities and to ensure that the sports infrastructures are safe for the people of Pontiac. Its objective is to promote a sense of team building and the pleasure of taking up sports, for Pontiac residents of all ages.

Quyon Community Association

Contact: Mr. Dale MacKechnie, President



A non-profit organization whose mission is to organize community events and activities to raise funds for Canada Day and other Municipal celebrations.


Of Hills and Water route

The ""Of Hills and Water Route'' is a public art circuit that highlights the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the seven municipalities of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais. (cont'd)

John-Philippe Smith was chosen by the Municipality of Pontiac among 8 projects received following a public competition launched in 2016.

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The sculpture entitled « At the crossroads » is inspired by the old military boundaries found along the roads since ancient times, but also the obelisks, which over the centuries, were used to commemorate the memory of an event or a person. The 8-foot fall sculpture is oriented according to the cardinal points.

Each facade illustrates a different aspect of the Municipality’s history. The north recalls the unique geology of the Eardley escarpment and the Luskville Falls, while the South depicts sturgeons and trilobites, species that inhabited the Champlain Sea 12,000 years ago. The East side gives tribute to the indigenous people who used the river for trade, travel and as a food source. Finally, the West facade recalls the arrival of settlers of European origin (Irish, Scottish, English and French Canadians) and their economic activities.


About the artist

Native to Pontiac, John-Philippe Smith is a professional sculptor and engraver whose works and practice are rooted in history and traditions. He has won several prizes, including first place at the 2015 European Stone Festival. His workshop “Smith & Barber” has restored sculptures and stone masonry of several buildings on Parliament Hill.

Culture des Collines
Parcours de Collines et d’eau

Snowmobile trails

Winter 2020-2021
Roads used in the Municipality of Pontiac by the Pontiac Snowmobile Association Inc.

Please refer to the following map to see the snowmobile trails in our region click here..

Culture and exhibitions

Pontiac Artists' Association

Address: P.O. Box 1063, Shawville, QC J0X 2Y0
Telephone: (819) 647-2291
Web Site: 



Non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote the arts, culture and the contribution to cultural life of Pontiac.


The municipal Council wishes to support local artists by reserving space at the Town Hall for an exhibit. To be placed on our waiting list, please send an e-mail to

We have space available for 2 paintings at a time.

Under the Pines, Music Festival




A non-profit organization whose mission is to organize professional-calibre classical music concerts at the heart of Pontiac, from Quyon to Chapeau.