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Luskville Recreational Park

3206, Highway 148

Quyon Recreational Park

2, Ferry Road


Parc Beaudoin

2149 Beaudoin Road


Parc des Hirondelles

124 Hirondelles Road


Parc Omkar

44 Lavigne Road

Parc Soulière/Davis

138 Soulière Crescent (public skating rink)

Pontiac Chats Falls Park

Pontiac’s Chats Falls Park is an innovative recreational and touristic project located by the Ottawa River, less than one hour away from the major urban centres of Gatineau and Ottawa. It blends breathtaking scenery with rich historical remnants.

The Park borders the municipalities of Pontiac and Bristol and the territories of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais and the MRC Pontiac.

Chats Falls Park will lead regional development efforts, for the benefit of surrounding communities.

The Park will offer visitors a unique recreational and interpretation experience in a natural environment that is extremely well preserved.

It will promote outdoor activities, on land and in the water, and will make visitors aware of historical events that occurred in this area, along the banks of the Ottawa River.

Source : CLD des Collines
Source : CLD des Collines

 A joint effort from the following partners has lead to the project:


  • MRC du Pontiac
  • MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais
  • Local development centre (CLD de Pontiac)
  • Local development centre (CLD des Collines-de-l’Outaouais)
  • Municipality of Bristol
  • Municipality of Pontiac
  • Conférence régionale des élus de l’Outaouais (CRÉO)





Snowshoe trail

Ski trail



Ski trails


Davis park skating rink
138 croissant Soulières


Patinoire de Luskville
3206 route 148


Patinoire de Quyon
2 chemin du Ferry

Maintenance of ice rinks 

  • The ice thickness of outdoor rinks must be 10 cm. This standard will allow, during warmer periods, to slow down the thawing and melting and should therefore allow a longer skating period.
  • The opening times are generally between 5 and 7 days after the start of the preparation phase.
  • The opening and maintenance of outdoor rinks is dependent on weather conditions. Temperature, wind and the amount and type of precipitation are all factors that can interfere with ice making.
  • During the preparation phase, it is important not to venture onto the rinks, as the weight of individuals on the forming ice could alter the condition of the ice surface.


Two-step preparation phase

  • Snow piling: After sufficient snow has accumulated, the snow is packed until a 5 cm thick layer of snow is obtained. This is followed by a period of hardening.
  • Watering: The surface is then watered until a thickness of 10 cm of ice is reached. A minimum night temperature of -5 degrees Celsius is required to water the rink.


Legend: Ice conditions

  • In preparation: Preparation of the base (establishment of a snow base to be able to water on it) in order to reach a good thickness that covers the entire surface.
  • Closed: When the ice does not completely cover the rink (ground exposure) or has imperfections on more than 50% of its surface. It is not recommended to skate on such a surface. The rink may be closed as a precautionary measure due to rainfall.
  • Open: The ice is smooth over most of its surface.



  • The rinks are watered three times a week when the temperature is - 5 degrees Celsius at night.